VPS Hosting for Adult Sites

What is VPS hosting?

Under the category of website hosting, there are many sub-divisions or types of hosting. All these hosting mechanisms perform distinctive functions and are suitable for different types of website requirements.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the cost-efficient alternative to dedicated hosting service you get from your web hosting provider. As the name suggests, this type of hosting allows you to gain “virtual control” or access to your entire data, as opposed to shared hosting where you share your website resources with multiple users.

How does it work?

VPS hosting works by creating several virtual servers under one physical server, where each of the virtual servers is independent of each other. Each of these virtual servers can be treated as an independent copycat of the original physical server. This gives you the flexibility of controlling the entire server yourself without having to share it with other users.

How is it beneficial?

SSD hosting is usually cheap, but they come at the expense of limited flexibility since you share your website resource with other users as well. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, gives you the optimum control over your website data. But they are usually not cheap.

Virtual Private Server hosting is the hybrid of these two hosting mechanisms. They provide the optimum flexibility by providing you with a virtual dedicated hosting service at a much lower price.

If you have a growing website that sees continuous traffic growth and requires frequent data transfers to and fro, a VPS hosting is your ideal choice, especially if you have limited resources to purchase a dedicated hosting.

Features of our VPS hosting service

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Windows or Linux OS
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Full root access
  • 2-48 GB RAM (depending on your plan)
  • 1-12 cores
  • 20-200 GB HDD disk space
  • 1 dedicated IP
  • Free SSL certificates

These are some of the key specifications and services we provide our customers under VPS hosting. Within VPS hosting there are several sub-categories of plans you can choose from according to your Adult Hawk website requirements.

We also provide you with the option of purchasing either an SSD VPS hosting or a Storage VPS hosting if you are primarily focused on obtaining more memory space.

Benefits of our VPS hosting service


Get all the advantages of having a dedicated hosting server without the need of dealing with the complexities of maintaining the server or paying the high cost. Our VPS hosting plans are cheaper than most other hosting providers.

Quick set-up

We deliver you our VPS hosting instantaneously after the payment transaction is successful.

Full root access

Gain full access to your website server database with our full root support feature.

Multiple OS support

Our VPS hosting comes with wide OS support and adaptability. Our VPS hosting runs efficiently with either your traditional Windows OS or Linux.

24/7 customer support

We understand how important good customer service is. Our technical teams will be available to support you in clearing any of your queries any day of the year.

Optimum uptime guaranteed

We ensure your website stays active and ready for business by guaranteeing an uptime of 99.9%.