Adult Hosting Plans

We have shared, VPS and dedicated hosting available and ready for anything adult

Shared SSD Hosting

Starting from $5/Month

  • Unlimited SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • DMCA Safe
  • Anti-DDoS Protection


VPS Hosting

Starting from $10/Month

  • Windows or Linux
  • cPanel (optional)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1-12 Cores
  • 2-48GB RAM
  • 20-200GB HDD Space


Dedicated Hosting

Starting from $49/Month

  • Windows or Linux
  • cPanel (optional)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1-12 Cores
  • 2-48GB RAM
  • 20-200GB HDD Space


What’s The Difference Between The Hosting Plans?

Our website hosting service can help your adult website in a number of ways to enable it to run with optimum efficiency at all times. Be it a lightweight adult blogging website or a heavy data usage website; we have you covered

Shared SSD Hosting

Shared SSD hosting is our cheapest plan, and you can avail this package for just $5/month. This basic plan is ideal for people who are just starting out their adult website for the first time. It does not deal with a lot of data transfer or disk memory. Hence, it is ideal for people who want to create an adult website for blogging purpose or just a lightweight website with moderate contents.

VPS Hosting

Our VPS hosting plans start from $10/month. This plan is ideal for people who have already established their website and are looking to expand or upgrade their website to handle higher traffics or add more contents to your adult website. This package can also help you run multiple websites with moderate traffics as well.

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting plan is our premium offering, and it will cost you $49/month. This package is specifically for people looking to do some serious business on their adult website with minimum hassle. If you’re running multiple adult websites with tons of traffics, this is your ideal hosting package. It is also ideal if you have a fairly complex website dealing with a multitude of customer interaction modes such as picture or video download options.

What Can I Host at Adult Hawk?

Porn Hosting

Host your porn websites with us! We offer everything from cheap SSD shared web hosting, to VPS and dedicated servers. No matter how big or small your tube site is, we got you covered.

Cam Site Hosting

Need reliable hosting for cam sites? We have seamless hosting that works perfect for cam sites, and we allow all types!

Adult Store Hosting

Want to host your adult store that sells sex toys? No problem, we allow any type of adult ecommerceon our hosting plans – No matter what kink you’re in.

So what is web hosting, and how does it help your website?

First, get the basics right. What is the first thing you need to have if you want to open your own dedicated adult website? The obvious answer is, well, you need to have a  clear concept of what your website is going to look like and what type of contents you want to provide. This is the easy part.

Web hosting for Porn & Cam Sites

However, running and maintaining an adult website is an entirely different story. Just putting up your website on the internet is not enough. This is where the web hosting services come to the rescue.

A web hosting service in simple terminology represents the physical location of your adult website on the internet. As apparent by the name, a hosting tool act as a storage location to host all the data related to your adult website. Think of it as equivalent to your wallet – you need it to keep all your everyday requirements in one safe place.

That’s what our web hosting services do for your adult website. It stores all the images, videos, or any other types of data that concurrently make up your website. Without a proper web hosting service such as ours, your adult website will be lost amongst the sea of other similar websites, or it simply won’t show up on the internet altogether.

This is primarily because web hosting service is responsible for maintaining and running the server of your website, which in turn is responsible for connecting your website to the internet. So, without a web hosting service such as ours, your entire website will practically serve zero purposes, at least on the internet.

Web Hosting Data

Web hosting data are generally calculated or measured in terms of disk space that has been allocated to your porn website and the amount of bandwidth or data transfer that will be required by other people to access your website. The more your website traffic is (the number of people visiting the website), the larger disk space your website will require. This also implies to more contents in your website or more number of customer interactions such as play online or download options. In brief, your adult website will require a LOT more disk space from your web hosting service as compared to other web blogging websites.

Web hosting companies usually offer their services in various blocks or packages. You can purchase these packages according to your adult website requirements.

Why should you choose our Website Hosting Service?

You can enjoy a vast multitude of advantages by opting to use our website hosting service for creating and maintaining your next adult website venture. Here are some of the benefits:

Dynamic web hosting service

Our premium web hosting service is not limited to just host your adult website. After all, that’s what most people are doing nowadays. We offer dynamic web hosting solution to help you with any kind of adult related websites such as cam site hosting or adult store website. Irrespective of what type of website you’re looking to create or put up on the radar, we have you covered. There are no limitations to what type of contents you want to put up or products you want to sell on your website. We provide premium web hosting service with optimum security.

Best Data Security Guaranteed

As long as your website is on the internet, security will always pose a major threat, especially if you are running an adult website. Data security is the primary aspect of any successful website. You don’t want to encourage any type of suspicious behavior on the website that may even compromise your personal data. Hacking is a phenomenon you would want your website to stay away as far as possible as it can seriously compromise the entire data of your adult website. Inefficient security can also play a huge role in slowing down the performance of your website, which is a colossal deal breaker in terms of people visiting your adult website.

Our advanced web hosting service runs on a secured platform that ensures your website to always stay on the safer side of the internet. Our dedicated teams work tirelessly to keep your adult website updated every day to ensure optimum security for all your data. On top of that, our advanced firewall system is a step ahead of all the other web hosting services in the market. We ensure total protection of your adult website and all the data within it to prevent any type of external threats.

Lowest pricing

One of the major drawbacks of a traditional web hosting service, despite its major productive benefits, is its pricing. The majority of the web hosting companies does not go light on their service pricing. As such, most people still remain skeptical about using the hosting service. This applies the same to a adult website hosting service. Most of the “premium” brands offer their hosting service in various packages ranging from a low-priced plan to their highest-priced offerings.

The services you get (obviously) depend according to the plans you purchase. However, most adult web hosting companies charge the customers in excess to simply provide basic hosting features. Under such plans, your adult website does not even get the full-version security updates or even the basic traffic maintenance, yet you end up paying $10-20 every month for that basic service.

Our website hosting plans are hands down one of the cheapest you will find on any other competitive web hosting providers. Even our premium service comes at a cost that is significantly lower than what most adult web hosting service charge you for their limited-featured services.

DCMA-proof and DDoS protection

If you’re going to run a adult website, you will most certainly require a DCMA and DDoS protection for your website contents.


DCMA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and this is the key component that prevents copying or duplicating contents from the original source. adult websites depend primarily on such duplicated contents. In fact, the majority of the contents are all replication of the original data. So, if your web hosting provider does not provide you with a DCMA-proof service, the entire purpose of your adult website will be literally null and void. Luckily, our website hosting service comes with DCMA-proof feature, which means we practically avoid any kind of copyright claims of any of the data (pictures or videos) you want to use on your adult website.

DDoS Protection

DDoS protection is another vital feature of a web hosting service. This protection acts more like your website’s first line of defense against any unnecessary intruders from external sources. DDoS “attacks” most usually take place in the form of fake traffic. In such cases, your adult website sees a huge spike in your website traffic. This ultimately affects your website server and slows down the website performance. This will lead to denial of service for your legitimate customers visiting your webpage.

DDoS attacks can take place in varying magnitude from few Gigabytes to several hundred Gigabytes per second. The more the memory of such attacks takes place, the harder it becomes to resolve them causing inconvenience for your customers.

Our web hosting service provides full DDoS protection for your adult website by using advanced software and complex algorithms to prevent such attacks in the first place. Our algorithms monitor and identify the sources of all the visitors of your adult website and deny a service access to any source that isn’t legitimate.

Unlimited bandwidth

Bandwidth is another very crucial aspect of your website. For newbies, bandwidth can be explained in simple terms as the number of data transfers that take place in your website. This includes both data uploading and downloading handling capacity of your website. adult websites, in particular, sees a huge demand in such data transfers every day. Bandwidth is also a direct representation of how much traffics your website can handle

Our website hosting service provides with unlimited bandwidth, so you don’t have to worry about the monthly data transfer cap on your adult website. The best thing about our service is that all our data plans starting from the basic to our premium package come with unlimited bandwidth feature.

99.99% uptime efficiency

What is the point of even creating a website if you cannot maintain a steady and stable uptime? The unavailability of your website is certainly going to bum out a lot of your visitors. While achieving a 100% uptime is the ideal goal to ensure that your website stays available for service every single time, there are some unavoidable factors that can cause downtime as well. However, our web hosting service ensures your website stays available for 99.9%, which means your downtime is practically negligible.

Daily data back-up

Data back-up is the primary way of ensuring you never lose any of your website resources even in case of any unforeseen future events. The Internet can be a good thing, but at the same time, it makes your data vulnerable. Although we do our best to ensure your website’s optimum security at all times, it is always wise to keep a back-up plan to ensure minimum loss in case of such events.

Our hosting algorithms perform a daily back-up of all your website hosting database and also creates a copy of all your data to ensure you can recover your files safely whenever you require it.

24/7 Customer Support

No amount of data speed or website security can make up for poor customer support. This is why provide 24/7 technical customer support feature to help you with any of your queries regarding our hosting services.