About us

Our website hosting venture started in 2018, so, No, we are not the oldest hosting service providers in the market by far. But, our dedicated and highly qualified teams work tirelessly behind the curtains to provide you with the most affordable and premium hosting plans. We started out with a clear concept of acting as a one-stop web hosting solution for any type of adult-related websites. This can include a simple adult website, adult store, or even cam sites.

Over the short span of existence of our hosting solution service, we have been able to create our unique niche in the market successfully. As such, we proudly serve as the professional hosting provider to over 500 adult websites.


Mailing address:

Adult Hawk

4479 Fannie Street
Clute, Texas, 77531
Contact Email: [email protected]

The Adult Industry

Over the years, the adult industry has evolved massively. In fact, it mints out one of the highest revenues in a year. After all, it’s something that intrigues the majority of the population. This is one of the reasons why your adult website can become an overnight sensation and before you know it, you’re dealing with crazy traffics and earning an absurd amount of money.

Our professional hosting service ensures your website never have to choke up dealing that crazy amount of data bandwidth and traffics.  From the most basic hosting service to the most premium hosting solution for your ever-growing adult websites, we have you covered. With us, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing our dedicated teams are working tirelessly to ensure optimum performance and keeping your adult site safe and secure from any external or internal threats.